Memorandum - Prince Grand Master HSH Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou GB.GCSJ(H) November 18, 2016 MEMORANDUM NO. 1 RE: ISLAM AND AMERICA I write to supply effective replies to the dis-information campaign conducted by most media regarding any criticism of Islam and Sharia. I hope this memo helps. PROBLEM: Many TV personalities, and others, claim that criticizing Islam is equivalent to criticizing all Muslims, and that “we cannot declare war on an entire religion.” They claim that our laws on Freedom of Religion are violated when we criticize Islam, and that this is unconstitutional and “un-American.” TALKING POINT 1: The Trump Administration would, perhaps, be better advised to take the position that it opposes all those, whether of one particular religion or not, who advocate the imposition of any body of laws that are different to and alien from the U.S. Constitution. Advocacy of Sharia law certainly falls into the category of those who oppose the U.S. Constitution. TALKING POINT 2: When Administration spokesmen or women find themselves in a public dialogue with spokesmen for CAIR and/or ISNA, the first question they should publicly put to them is whether they place the Koran and Sharia law above the U.S. Constitution. The truth is they do, and that is also what is consistently preached at the vast majority of mosques in the U.S. If they answer that the US Constitution prevails, they should be asked a follow-on question, namely to publicly aver that the Constitution supersedes Sharia law. My bet is they will refuse, or evade, and thereby will be exposed for what they truly advocate for. TALKING POINT 3: If spokesmen for CAIR and/or ISNA then shoot back a question at Administration spokespeople about whether they place the U.S. Constitution above the New Testament or the Torah, the recommended answer ought to be: “Christians and Jews do not face that dilemma, because the Constitution is entirely based on Judeo-Christian Biblical principles.” Sincerely, Nicholas F. Papanicolaou