~Events~ Swedish Order of the Amaranth On April 21, 2012 some of the top leaders of the OSJ were individually honored with membership in the Swedish Order of the Amaranth, an Order founded in the seventeenth century by Queen Christina of Sweden. At a Gala event at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Nicholas Papanicolaou Gr.BGCSJ, Prince Anton Esterhazy de Galantha BGCSJ, Joris Buijs GCSJ, and Karl Norberg OSJ were honored with senior rank in the Order of the Amaranth. Others of our Knights, namely Count Carlos Luelmo Montero de Alba GCSJ, Magnus Birke Gr.OSJ, Countess Elaine Montero de Alba GCSJ, Georges Demmer COSJ, and Andrei Filiurski COSJ were already senior Knights in the same Order. Sweden is one of the original bases of our Order in the modern era, where our Order has been officially registered since 1983. We are therefore honored to strengthen our presence in the country.

Lady Victoria Papanicolaou and our Grand Master, Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou